The Ultralight HoneyBee G2™ is part of the heritage and success of the Original HoneyBee Gyro. This simple Ultralight Gyroplane is a full featured version of its larger siblings in the G2 Line. Engineered to be lighter, great looking and great handling, this Ultralight Gyroplane is specifically designed for those who prefer the pprovisions of Part 103 flying.

The HoneyBee G2™ Ultralight is a straight forward, easy to build aircraft that will provide the builder with a great entry level experience into the exciting world of UltralightGyroplane flight. Please contact us for pricing information.

This Package Includes:

• Complete Deluxe HoneyBee Yellow Powder Coated Airframe
• Composite & Carbon Fiber Tail Group
• 60 HP Engine
• 64" 2 Blade Warp Drive Propeller (162.56 Centimeters)
• UL Rotor Head/Electric Pre-rotator/Hydraulic Rotor Brake
• Daytime VFR Instruments In Fiberglass Pod: Airspeed Indicator, Altimeter, VSI, Rotor Speed Indicator, EGT's, CHT's, Fuel Level.
• Five-Gallon Aluminum Tank (18.927 Liters)
• Suspension Landing Gear
• Hydraulic Nose Wheel Brake
• 23' Dragon Wing Blades (7.01 Meters)


• Empty Weight: 252 lb./114 Kg.
• Gross Weight: 532 lb./241 Kg.
• Useful Load: 280 lb./127.25 Kg. Total
• Engine: 60 HP
• Fuel Capacity: 5 Gallons/19 liters
• Range: 55 miles with 1 Gallon Reserve
• Blades: Dragon Wings 23'/7.01 Meters


• Cruise Speed: 55 MPH/89 Kph
• Maximum Speed: 63 MPH/102 Kph (Part 103 Requirement)
• Minimum Speed: 12 MPH/19 KPH
• Climb: 700FPM/214 Mpm
• Take Off : <300'/92 Meters
• Landing: 25'/7.6 Meters


1. Custom Colors/$500: Red & Black, Yamaha Blue & Silver, White & Black, Neon Pink & Black, Olive Drab
2. Four-Stroke Engine Option: Look for details Summer 2012
3. Microlight Conversion Kit: $1,000/14 Gallon Fuel Tanks

Download the ULTRALIGHT Data Sheet here.